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Organizational Chart

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Position Name Major Phone number E-mail
Director Lee, Taek-meon Sociology 82-2-3156-7167 onbike@kwdimail.re.kr
Research Fellow Kim, Young-Sook Economics 82-2-3156-7123 youngkim@kwdimail.re.kr
Research Fellow Chung, Ga-Won Social Welfare 82-2-3156-7008 gawon@kwdimail.re.kr
Associate Research Fellow Park, Soo-Bum Economics 82-2-3156-7043 economist@kwdimail.re.kr
Associate Research Fellow Kim, Hyo-Joo Public Administration 82-2-3156-7017 afterxmas@kwdimail.re.kr
Associate Research Fellow Chang, Youn-Sun Public Administration 82-2-3156-7189 chys@kwdimail.re.kr
Associate Research Fellow Kim, Eunji Public Administration 82-2-3156-7018 ejkim@kwdimail.re.kr
Researcher Moon, Hee-Young Women's Studies 82-2-3156-7180 mhy4x@kwdimail.re.kr
Researcher Son, Jung-Min Social Welfare 82-2-3156-7021 sjmin2@kwdimail.re.kr
Researcher Kim, Byeong-Kwon Economics 82-2-3156-7020 byeongkwon@kwdimail.re.kr
Researcher Kim, Hae-Ram Economics 82-2-3156-7090 haeram@kwdimail.re.kr
Researcher An, Ju-Hee Sociology 82-2-3156-7185 jungle44@kwdimail.re.kr