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Research Results in 2014

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Research Project Results
  • Research Direction
    • Continued research on creating measures to improve gender budgeting and to substantiate the operation of gender budgeting at the local government level
  • Research Details
    • Devised a mid-to long-term roadmap for the sustainable development of gender budgeting
    • Analyzed public officials’ opinion for the advancement of the gender budget and settlement of accounts
    • Surveyed public officials’ opinion for the advancement of gender budgeting at the local government level
    • Researched the current state of gender budgeting in Asian countries and the possibility of building a KSP
  • Project Details
    • Conducted collaborative research with relevant domestic organizations (The Korean Association of Public Finance, various government departments, etc.)
    • Vitalized the policy network with relevant foreign organizations and specialists: the Philippines, etc.
    • Published manual for 『2015 Gender Budget Statement』 , manual for 『Fiscal Year 2013 Gender Budget Statement of Accounts』
    • Published 『2014 Gender Budget Statement at a Glance』 factbook
    • Issued 『Gender Budgeting in Korea 2013』 brochures
    • Published an English research paper, 『Gender-Responsive Budgeting』
    • Held Gender Budgeting(GB) forum and other open forums
List of Research Reports
Year Report Title Report Content
2014 Research Report 5 Analysis and Evaluation of Gender Budgeting in Korea (Ⅳ)
Research Report 5-1 Development of Mid-to Long-term Roadmap for the Sustainable Development of Gender Budgeting
Research Report 5-2 Analysis of Public Officials’ Opinion on Gender Budget and Settlement of Accounts