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Welcoming Remarks

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Welcome to the Gender Budget Research Center website.
The Gender Budget Research Center was established in 2007 to build the institutional infrastructure for gender budgeting which had become institutionalized through changes to the National Finance Act in 2006.
Through cooperation with relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Ministry of Security and Public Administration, and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, we have worked ceaselessly to set up a systematic process and prepare effective tools for the successful implementation of gender budgeting. As a result, the「2010 Gender Budget Statement」was drawn up in 2009 and the 「2010 Gender Budget Balance Sheet」in 2011, while in 2012 the 「2013 Gender Budget Statement」was drafted at the local government level.
The first phase of research at our institution concentrated on establishing the concept of gender budgeting and building its infrastructure and the second phase of research started when the Gender Budget Statement and Gender Budget Balance Sheet was completed in 2011. With a mid-to long-term roadmap, we will do our part in ensuring that not only are the national budget and other resources allocated fairly among genders but also that our nation’s finances are managed efficiently and transparently by leading the successful implementation of gender budgeting and its further development.

We ask for your continuous interest and support for the Gender Budget Research Center’s research and future development of gender budgeting.

Head of the Gender Budget Research Center
Korean Women’s Development Institute